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The table shows data about consumer expenditure in 3 different categories of items in 5 different countries in 2002.

Overall, consumers spent more on food, drinks and tobacco than any other categories in all 5 countries. Additionally, the category of leisure and education had the lowest proportion of consumer spending in all countries.

In 2002, the proportion of Turkey’s consumer expenditure on food, drinks and tobacco was 32.14%, which was the highest out of all 5 countries, while the figure for Ireland, being the second highest, was 28.91%. In contrast, Sweden had the lowest percentage of consumer spending on food, drinks and tobacco, at only 15.77%.

On the other hand, leisure and education accounted for no more than 5% of the national consumer expenditure in each of the 5 countries. Additionally, spending on clothing and footwear was the highest in Italy, at 9%, while the figures for the remaining countries averaged around 6%.

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