Topic: Some people believe that learning depends not upon the personality or methodology of the teacher, but rather on the student's attitude to his or her learning. Write about 250 words to express your idea.

Have you ever gotten stuck in your learning and you want to give up? Have you ever felt your teaching is coming to a standstill? If the answer is no, you should count your blessings since there are various intricacies in learning and teaching many people. Therefore, where do these problems come from? teacher or students? From my point of view, I think they come from both sides.

From students' angles, if teaching technique holds little appeal to them, they will not pay any attention to what the teacher is doing. In most societies and cultures nowadays, teaching methodology plays a crucial role in whetting students' appetite for studying. On the contrary, from the students' side, their attitude to their own learning also influences the efficiency and quality of the progress.

In a little more detail, teachers have to take notice of mechanic and whether it is gripping enough for students to study in fascination. The class's atmosphere is also remarkable. the teacher should be the first person to muster the pupils up to motivate them. Certainly, students ought to have a collaborative attitude. not only does it promote studying quality but it also inspires your teacher to pass on their knowledge more enthusiastically. According to D.Harell's book: "your attitude to all situations let you know the result".

In short, learning depends upon both the personality, methodology of the teacher, and the attitude of students to their learning. That students are eager to learn and express their progressive attitude is effective at encouraging teachers so much. What's more, from internal thought, they take pleasure in studying and do not regard it as a responsibility to do so.


How formal is your essay expected to be?

Just my point of view so I think don't need to be so formal

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Sorry, I've just noticed that your title mentions IELTS. Are you practising for that test?

Yes but I just focus on writing task 2

OK, in that case, your essay needs to be formal (no rhetorical questions or personal references), and you need to learn about the structure expected in an IELTS essay. Basically, every sentence you write should have a specific job. Freestyle writing is not the right approach in IELTS task 2.

Take a look at my replies in the following threads to learn about essay structure.



Revise your essay radically, and repost it below if you wish.

If you have any problems along the way, or if you need clarification, send me a PM.

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