could anybody please correct my letter of motivation?
I have it checked thousand times, but I'm afraid there are still mistakes that I will never find, no matter how often I read it.

Thank you very much.
Greetings, Veronika

I hereby wish to state my interest for a place in your Master of Arts programme in European Public Administration.

After graduation from highschool in june 2001, I started studying at the college of public administration in Meißen in september the same year.

During the theory semesters we were prepared for the various demands in public organisations through different courses in the three fields of law, public finances and social sciences. Especially the subject European Law, in which we learned about the historical background of the European Union, the European Institutions and their functioning, the european legislative procedure and material european law, was of special interest to me.

I therefore took the chance to attend a voluntary tutorial dealing with the topic “Europe in Germany” which I successfully finished with a seminar paper as well as I attended several language courses to improve my English and French and to learn Spanish.

Furthermore two practical terms, where the students could gain practical experience built a basic part of my studies at the college of public administration.
Besides the training courses in various local and state authorities in Saxony, I absolved a part of my main training course in the European Bureau of Saxon Local Authorities in Brussels from september 2003 till october 2003. There I was able to apply my knowledge of the functioning of the European Institutions and other regional representations and to broaden my knowledge about the regional policy of the European Union, particularly about the Structural Funds. My duties during this time included especially the gathering of information relevant to local organisations and providing it to the regional and local authorities in Saxony as an article in the weekly newsletter “Brüssel Aktuell”.
This work was both exciting and challenging, as my duties and responsibilities were quite different from those I had before and most tasks had to be accomplished in the French or English language.

The knowledge gained during my studies and the training course in Brussels showed me the deep impact of the European level on every aspect of daily life and confirmed my decision to base my diploma thesis on this interesting field as well as my intention of working professionally in the european sector in the future.

I was therefore glad to be permitted to write my diploma thesis on the topic “The build-up of a German-Polish Administration Network” and to have every support from my professor to realize this project. One of my proudest moments was when I gave a speech on this topic at the meeting “Forum Wegzeichen” in Meißen in April this year, which was followed by the decisive step toward the realisation of the network, an agreement to establish an incorporated society signed by about 40 Saxon and Lower Silesian employees of administrations that are interested in transnational cooperation.

After my final examinations in September 2004 I could practice and complement my knowledge in public administration when I started working in the city administration of Bautzen. Firstly in the personnel department and then in the building authority. During this time I could work independently and gain wide experience in cooperation with colleagues and the public. As well as extending my language skills by learning Sorbian, a proudly cherished language speciality of our Lausitz region.

As it is my future goal to work in the european sector, I am keenly interested in aquiring more theoretical knowledge and practical skills in this area.
It was also in Brussels that I first learned about the opportunity to get a masters degree in European Public Administration from a trainee-colleague, who was an MPA-student at that time. Since he explained to me precisely what I should expect from the programme and what is expected of me, I am convinced that the Master of European Public Administration corresponds well with my future plans and with my qualifications aquired during previous lectures, seminars and work experiences.
After I went through the course structure of your M.A. and read carefully the overview and the objectives of every single course, I was sure that this programme perfectly matches with my interests. Courses concerning the European community law, the current political problems of the European Integration and cross-cultural competence are very fascinating and intriguing to me. Moreover such a postgraduate programme will be beneficial for me in several ways. First of all I can complete my theoretical knowledge about various european-related topics and practice my language skills of English and French.
Additionally, I was very pleased to find out that the programme includes a period of practical training abroad in a European Union country because I am of the opinion that every academic knowledge gained should be applied and utilized through work experience. Last but not least, there is a growing need for trained and experienced professionals in the european sector and the degree ”Master of European Public Administration” has a very good reputation in this field.

Bearing in mind what, on the one hand, my interests, prospects and qualifications are, and what, on the other hand your postgraduate study programme offers, I am very enthusiastic and eager to undertake this challenge.

Thank you very much for considering my request, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
o my Good, your letter is to long. nobody will read it.
Please shorten
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it was pready good.dont worried about the others.it was good.

by rewa
Sorry to tell you but it is way too big. I didnt even read it but I think that that is exactly the problem.

Make a smaller one and repeat only 2 or three main parts of your CV

Good Luck