From: Email Removed">Email Removed

To: Anna Billings

Subject: Daily Jobseeker update

Sent: March 14, 20xx.

Dear Daily Jobseeker subscriber,

Here is the most recent job opening:

Marleyhome Inc. Is looking for an experienced accountant to fill a vacancy in its Accounting Department. The company needs someone with an accounting degree and at least three years of experience. Contact Ralph Kramer, Email Removed">Email Removed.

Respond to the email as if you are interested in applying for the position. Make ONE statement about your professional background and TWO requests for information about the jobs.

From: Email Removed">Email Removed

To: Ralph Kramer

Subject: Vacancy in Marleyhome Inc Accounting department.

Sent: March 15, 20xx

Dear Mr. Kramer,

I was recently updated about the vacancy in Marleyhome Inc Accounting Department and interested in applying. I graduated in Accounting major at Toronto University four years ago, then worked as an accountant for three and a half years in a local organization named XXX. After reading notification about the position, I wondered if there are any regulations for workers in the company such as uniform or limitation on days off. On the other hand, I searched for the address of the company’s headquarter, it is located in Texas; however, I am away for my quarantine in Canada at the moment so is it acceptable to be interviewed online?

I am looking forward for your response.

With regards,

Jamie Yang.

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