To: Home Owner

From: Taryn Kent

Subject: Your house

Sent: January 7th

Hello, I’ve been looking at the photo gallery of your online home buyer’s ad. Congratulations on trying to sell your home without a real estate agent. It is difficult (we’ve done twice) but is worth the effort if you find a reasonable buyer. My sister is interesting in buying a house in your region. Your house could be ideal if you are willing to negotiate the price. Your asking price is $10000 above her budget. She also wants to live near an elementary school and a bus route. I am not sure if your house is near amenities. Could you please let me know about these details? Most importantly, are you open to negotiate the price? Please let me know when the house would be available for viewing?

Thank you.


Taryn Kent

Directions: Respond to the email as if you are trying to sell your house privately. Answer the questions and provide at least 2 details about the neighborhood and ONE reason why you can or cannot negotiate the price.

To: Taryn Kent

From: Jamie Yang

Subject: House

Sent: January 9th

Dear Mr. Kent,

I was glad to hear that your sister is looking for a house in my region. My house is actually 3 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop and15 minutes drive to the North elementary school. The garage provides enough space for 2-3 SUVs. Location of the house would be ideal for busy workers as facilities such as supermarkets or restaurants are just around the corner. Neighbors are friendly and most of them work at local companies. The house will be opened for visitors from next month. Anyway, we do not accept negotiation as we believe that all of the facilities and interior design worth at least $10000.

Feel free to contact me if you need any further information.


Jamie Yang

Home Owner.



That's pretty good. You should use commas in a number that has more than three figures:

- My house is worth £180,000

- My house is worth $1,000,000



Thanks a lot for your advice.