From: Riverdale Public Library

To: Neighborhood Residents

Subject: Library now open

Dear Neighbors,

We are pleased to announce that your neighborhood library is now open! After three years of construction work, the library is now ready for use by all neighborhood residents. We offer a wide range of library services and interesting activities for the entire family. Please let us know how we can help you.

Libby Mills


Directions: Response to the email as a local resident who wants to use the library. In your email, ask TWO questions and make ONE request.

From: Jamie Yang

To: Riverdale Public Library

Subject: Library now open.

Dear Mrs. Mills,

As a resident of Riverdale, I have been waiting for years to use the library as I believe this is the ideal place to study and work. Could you please give me some information about the working hours of the library? In addition, is there any fee for entering and using services of it? I am interesting in booking a meeting room next week, it would be great if you can send me time table of available hours and process of booking.

I am looking forward for your response.


Jamie Yang

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