Fill the blanks with one suitable word:

Mary is anxious to make _(1)__ at school. Her friend, Jan, __(2)__ her to his party, where she is the __(3)__ international guest. At the party she meets __(4)__ people who ask her many __(5)__ and show deep ___(6)__ in her culture. Some of__(7)__tell her to "drop by" their apartments and say that they __(8)__to see her at school. She gives her apartment ___(9)__ to several people and tell them to come by her place, __(10)_ is near the school.

1. friends                2. invites              3. only               4. many
5. many                 6. interest             7. them             8. want
9. address             10. which
5 questions
8 'hope' is better
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Clive5 questions8 'hope' is better
(5) can't be things?
Yes, that's another possibility.
Ok, Thank you
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up5. many
Sorry. I mean here is "things"
But it is not correct.