Topic: Some high schools have a requirement that students must complete a certain amount of volunteer work in order to graduate. What do you think about this type of requirement? Give details to support your opinion.

Dedication to the community especially volunteer work is becoming more and more important. Some high schools even set them as a requirement to be graduated. From my perspective, this action is a great leap forward to develop both physical health and students’ souls of the generation.

Attending in volunteer work is the opportunities for students to exercise and create realistic advantages for the community. Students will be able to learn an extensive amount of skills, duties and solutions in dealing with situations. It helps to improve the ability to adapt to the new environment. In addition, students learn the way to behave properly, build teamwork spirit and management skills.

Moreover, these activities provide a larger knowledge and experiences. They are new aspects in students’ lives expressing the precious value of the current living conditions. Students learn to appreciate from the most basic things such as food and oxygen to financial support. Volunteer work evokes the empathy, sympathy and hidden emotions in their heart. Thanks to these works, student could be a nice person.

They are considered to be the practice of ethics education via life’s experience. Being one of the primary factor to graduate, volunteer work builds up the balance in talent and virtue. Graduates do not have only knowledge or theories but also virtue. They can be model citizens and their abilities could be utilized properly by working legally, paying taxes and contributing to the development of the country.

To draw a conclusion, volunteer work is a necessary factor of a graduate. Completing a certain amount of work do not only worth for yourself but also the whole community. They could be exercises to improve physical strength and key to open a wonderful storage of emotions.

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