Topic: Deforestation caused by human activity is happening in many parts of the world with serious results for the environment. What do you think can be done to solve this problem

The environment is being met with a lot of dangerous consequences due to the over-logging of people all over the world. This essay will discuss the problems associated with this and suggest possible solutions to overcome these issues.

There are several results which can stem from cutting a large number of trees. First of all, the environment will be more and more polluted. This is because trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while they emit oxygen for humans. If the number of trees in the Earth reduces, the amount of oxygen created by trees will also reduce while the amount of carbon dioxide as well as pollutants keep increasing. Second, cutting trees can lead to the reduction of biodiversity. Trees provide the natural home for myriad animals as well as plants. Therefore, when trees are felled, animals and plants will no longer have their habitats to grow up.

However, several solutions can be adopted to solve these issues. First, a law has to be issued in order to prevent over-logging. Governments in the countries that have a high percentage of deforestation should enact a law to punish organizations or individuals who have illegal acts of logging. Second, educating the clients is also very important. Government can let the people know about the necessity of forest to human life through social media or education programs. When people understand the essential role of forest to their life, they may have awareness of protecting trees.

In conclusion, many issues can arise from deforestation but there are several measures which can be taken to relieve them.

anonymousWhat do you think can be done

The question only asks you to answer that question. It does not ask you to discuss the impact of deforestation. Therefore, your first body paragraph is off topic, unless of course, you did not quote the prompt correctly.