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A mother is a person who gives life and brings one life into this world.The person will guide them throughout their lufe.Mothers make sure that their children are safe and happy throughout their childhood. The one who are care for their child the most and will always be there for them no matter what. God created mothers to represent his careand love to the world. What is mother to most people? If we ask a little kid to define mother, the answers were mother is the one who is good at applying band-aid; whenever they falls from playing in school. She is the one who gives the warmest hugs in the world. whenever they felt cold. Mothers are also a good storyteller; they told stories for their child when their child couldnt sleep. They will always by their children sides when thye caught a cold. For most teenagers, the answers were so obvious; a mother is a person who always nagging about cleaning their bedroom and doing laundry. For adults, a mother is a best friend who will be there to listen to their problems and giving advices about family matters. Mother is a good supporter who always cheers for their kids when they felt trouble. Nothing can come close to the love of mother for their child.
Mother gives unconditonal love; loving their children wihout any limitations, condition and reservations. It is really hard to find that love in someone except from a mother. Nothing can't describe the feeling that a mother has toward their children, unconditional love can only found in the love of a mother for their childrenn. There a guy named Johnny, who didnt care about his future, a dropped out high school student and he joined gang and also did drug. He always got in trouble with the law; jail was like his house, in and out the jail often. Everyone was abandoned him even his own biological siblings did not care for him, yet only his mother patiently by his side; although, he canstantly brings troubles and problems to her. Only mothers understand thier child'd feeling, and believe on them without any doubts. Mothers will always stay by thier child side no matters. Mothers give lots of support and sacrifices for their child.
Mother's job is not always an easy one, they usually have many sacrifices. the great hting about mother is that they usually understand and love their kids anyways. Woman couldnt not bear a child is like a tree without a fruits, it is so empty and lonely and they life felt missing something a being a woman. Being mother is a greatest gift that a woman received from God. Some woman is unluckily enough that couldnt bear thier own child. This happened to my auntie, she been wanted to have a child for many years, but because of her physical problems which she couldn't have a child. She felts a big loss being a woman. A mother willing to sacrifices their happiness for their child. Like my friend's mother, she has been dating a guy for many years and theu already have plans to get marry, but because of her selfish daughter she has to break the engagement. Mothes love their child that they willing to hurt themselves. The bound of the mother's love for the child are very strong. Even though, they been apart for many years but once they meet; they can feels the love for each other. Nothiing can compare the love of a mother for their kid, they love are so pure and unconditionally.
The roles of the mother are so important; never underestimate the influenced that a mother has over a child. Child without a mother has a tragic impact for their life. Growing up without a mother caused the kid missed a lots of simple things such a baking cookies together. Children always look to their mother for guidance and asking for advices. Mother is like a best friend that always there to listen to thier kids problems such as school and love issues. Many children choose to go with mother when both parent decided to divorced, because they know only mother can gives an unconditional love for them. Being a motherless child has caused the child feels a great loss at any age, can change them remarkably and they are more likely to be trouble in school. They are highly chance of joining gang to find support and the affection that they wished have been provided in their home. It is a tragedy for a child when the mother was not someone who lookes after them and wihtout them is like losing half of their life. It is a tragedy for a child without a mom in their special occassion such as graduation and wedding days. Hence, the mother love for the child is very important that no one can substitute that place in the child heart.
Therefore. the role of a mother plays in child's life could not be fully measure. A mother's love reaches deep into a child's soul. Describing a mother love is imposible, the feeling that can only truly understood by those that experienced to be a mother. Never underestimate a role of mother in child life. It is really a tragic impact for child without a care and guidance of a mother. Mother is seemed to be simple but they are hero in anyway. They do not have power life wonderwoman that killed villains, but they have an incredible power over their children that they must be respect.
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