Task: You saw an advertisement for a training course in the US, but you have one or two problems and can't stay the whole course.
Write a letter to the course director. In your letter:
- explain your interest in the course
- describe your problems
- find out if a refund is possible

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request your assistance concerning the matter of a Chinese training course, which I saw in an advertisement yesterday and I wonder if you can possibly help me solve my personal problems.

First of all, I am a freshman majoring in English and have recently won a place in my favorite university. However, apart from English, my school also requires each student to learn their second language; therefore, I make a decision to study Chinese, which is believed to be growing in popularity nowadays. Fortunately, I found an interesting course that your institution has just opened, which I am really into the learning methods in this curriculum. As far as I concerned, your online course systems are provided with high quality and render a variety of accessible options of diverse courses with different levels, as well as being rapidly fixed when having trouble with technology or the internet. As you mentioned in the advertisement, not only does your Chinese training online course have a group of well-qualified teachers, but it also gives students available learning materials, as well as references. Especially, the view of each lesson is costly effective and unlimited, which makes a huge difference with other correspondent courses. Thus, training online in your reputed university would provide me an opportunity to widen my knowledge, improve my skills and definitely boost my career prospect.

However, I am getting trouble that I cannot finish the whole lesson due to my studying schedule in the next semester. As a student of English faculty, I am put under a lot of pressure with the homework and running deadlines every passing day. What is more, I have to deal with other subjects; therefore, time-management is seemed to be very difficult for me. To get living expenses and obtain more valuable experiences, I have just applied for a teaching assistant recently, so it will be really hard to balance studying and working a part-time job. Moreover, in the second year, I have to face the increase in difficulty levels, which means the more skills I have to focus on, the more burden I carry.

As you know, I am unable to stay the whole course, so I wonder if the refund is possible in my situation. I hope you will understand my circumstance because I do not have a good living condition, as well as the living cost in my country is very high. I extremely fancy your course and want to continuously study but I cannot owing to the limit of my time.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and hope you will take my situation into consideration.

Yours faithfully,


We have helped you at least 8 times with your writing, but you have not once acknowledged our help. It is very discouraging to us when our help is not appreciated. We get no pay for our work, and there are lots of other students we can assist. So I will not help you on your letter.

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I'm sorry if i am impolite with you. I want to say thanks to you for correcting my writing. Because i do not receive the notification that you corrected my writing, so i don't know. Now i just received a notification on my email for this. Im so sorry. It's my fault

Minh Trang Nguyễn ThịNow I just received a notification on my email

Do you mean that you didn't see any of the feedback that we gave you on your previous posts?
Haven't you learned anything from posting on our website?

Yes i did not receive any email until now
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You can see your previous posts here:


Look at the feedback and learn from your mistakes.

Thank you very much