Please Check my Narration:

Q: He said to us, "Have you solved these sums ?"
A: He said to us of we had solved those sums.

Q: I said to her," Why was your baby weeping yesterday?"
A: I said to her why her baby had been weeping previous day.

Q: You said to him, " what did faisal say here in your ear?"
A: You said to him what faisal had said in your ear.

Q: She said to them, "Is not virtue its own reward?"
A: She said to them virtue was not its own award.

Q: I said to the postman, " Is there any letter for me today?"
A: I asked the postman if there was any letter for me that day.

Q: Where are you going now ?" Said I to my servant.
A: I said to my servant where he was going then.

Q: Father asked to him," Why have you beaten the servant now?"
A: Father asked to him why he had beaten the servant then.

Q Why are you sitting here, Salman?" Said his sister.
A: Why he was sitting there said salman' sister to him

Q: What are you doing here, Nadeem?" Said the father to his son.
A: Father said to his son nadeem what he was doing there.
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You need to heck your punctuation and use of capital letters.

Try again?

1.he asked us if we solved those sums
2.i asked her why her baby hadeing weeping previous day
3.you asked him what faisal had said there in his ear
4.she asked them if it was not there own reward
5.i asked the postman if there was any letter for me that day
6.i asked my sevant where he were going then
7.father asked him why had he beaten the servant then
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I'll be happy to check your sentences if you first try to add correct capital letters and punctuation.
OK? Emotion: smile

she said,"i play football".
I'll be happy to check your sentences if you first try to add correct capital letters and punctuation.

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Mother said to her son,"Why don't you wear proper uniform for ur college.I will tell your teacher."
walk walk 758ur

That is not an English word. It is an example of textspeak http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Textspeak and is not appropriate for use outside text messages. Your is a word.

walk walk 758ur college.

your college?

Please Check my narration.

1. She said to me, “These books are not mine.”

She told me that those books were not hers.

2. He said to her, “Madam, I have a headache.”

He said to her respectfully that he had a headache.

3. She said to us, “You can see me tomorrow.”

She said to us that we could see her the next day.

4. He said to me, “You will find my house at the end of this street.”

He told me that I could find his house at the end of that street.

5. We said to them, “No, you cannot enter this room.”

We forbade them to enter that room (or) We told them that they could not enter that room.

6. He said to me, “Yes, I shall stay here with you to night.”

He said to me that he would stay there with me that night.

7. I said to him, “Sir, my book was stolen by somebody from my desk yesterday.”

I told him respectfully that my book had been stolen by somebody from desk the previous day.

8. I said to her, “These hens were bought by your uncle just today.”

I told her that those hens had been brought by her uncle just that day.

9. Father said to us, “All right, I allow you to go to the pictures today.”

Father said to us that he allowed us to go the pictures that day.

10. You said to him, “No, your brother did not come here yesterday.”

You told him that his brother had not come there the previous day.

11. He said to her, “Madam, my daughter forgot to send a medical certificate with her application.”

He said to her respectfully that his daughter had forgotten to send a medical certificate with her application.

12. “Well, sir,” said I to the doctor, “I shall see you again tomorrow morning.”

I said to the doctor that I should see him again the next day morning.

13. He said to me, “I waited for you till sunset yesterday.”

He told me that he has waited for me till sunset the previous day.

14. “Hello, Arif,” said he, “You have again come here after two days.”

He greeted Arif and said that he had come again there after two day.

15. He said to me, “No, I am not pleased with your work.”

He told me that he was not pleased with my work.

16. You said to him, “I am too busy today to see you.”

You said to him that you were too busy that day to see him.

17. You said to her, “Well, madam, I shall leave this book here on your table today.”

You said to her respectfully that you would leave that book there on her table that day.

18. “Good morning, sir,” said a stranger to me.

The stranger greeted me with good morning.

19. “Good-bye” said he, as he shut the door.

As he shut the door, he said good-bye.

20. “Good night, Mr. Javed,” said he, “I am going to bed now.”

He said good night to Mr Javed as he was going to bed the.

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He said to her,"will you lend me your pen? "
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