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Q: He said to us, "Have you solved these sums ?"
A: He said to us of we had solved those sums.

Q: I said to her," Why was your baby weeping yesterday?"
A: I said to her why her baby had been weeping previous day.

Q: You said to him, " what did faisal say here in your ear?"
A: You said to him what faisal had said in your ear.

Q: She said to them, "Is not virtue its own reward?"
A: She said to them virtue was not its own award.

Q: I said to the postman, " Is there any letter for me today?"
A: I asked the postman if there was any letter for me that day.

Q: Where are you going now ?" Said I to my servant.
A: I said to my servant where he was going then.

Q: Father asked to him," Why have you beaten the servant now?"
A: Father asked to him why he had beaten the servant then.

Q Why are you sitting here, Salman?" Said his sister.
A: Why he was sitting there said salman' sister to him

Q: What are you doing here, Nadeem?" Said the father to his son.
A: Father said to his son nadeem what he was doing there.
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she said to me , 'do you know my brother"

She said to me ,"Do you know my brother?"

She asked me if I knew her brother.

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They said to me,who r u and what do you want here now.?

You say," I respect my teacher"
the father said,"Do not mix with bad boys ".
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The father said,"Do not mix with bad boys ".

The father told his child / the person not to mix with bad boys.

Q:my mother said,"child,go and study in your room:

A:my mother said to child went and study in his room.

She said, “ i had already eaten apples.”
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Ram said to me" Let the child play."
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