The financial minister presented the populist budget in the parliament yesterday. All economic analyses & commentators are scratching their heads to find out how is possible to compensate banks for Rs.60,000 cr as he announced farmer loans to be waived off. All economists are baffled and bemused rather than amused for such a budget. Why so much fuss if farmer’s loan waived off.
The minister of finance, the finance minister

bemused by such a budget
Why so much fuss if farmers' loan was waived off?
He lecture red us how to keep our mind cleanly and how we should behave friendly with our society .and also he advised us to keep our face smiley and to make our thought positively. Moreover after the lecture I knew how to explain the mistakes of the students and how we should correct it. Also he taught us to make the students happy by appreciating them. So I think he gave us very good advices to keep our mind clean.

I think he is a great lecturer. Because he practically showed us how to teach students without boring. And also we got an idea about how to keep the students happily and how to persuade the students to study well. Similarly he told various teaching methords.so he is a lecturer who can attract student’s attention.

He demonstrated the present situation of the education. And he lectured us to use the new technology to the studies. So I think it was a good opportunity for us to get knowledge about the technology.