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Youtube start growth in 2006 and after less than One and a half years it could allocated more searches than film, cinema, movie and video. In this three years youtube growth about tree times as much in each periods.

In January 2009 youtube has about twice as much searches as video and more than sum of all searches for film, cinema, movie and video.
Are we will see youtuube in dictionaries?!
put your analysis on comment please.


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Youtube started growing in 2006, and after less than 18 months it received more searches than 'film', 'cinema', 'movie or 'video'. In the last three years, Youtube has trebled its growth in each year.

In January 2009, Youtube received about twice as many searches as 'video' and more than the sum of all searches for 'film', 'cinema', 'movie' and 'video'.

Will we soon see 'Youtube' in dictionaries?

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my last sentence was : "put your analysis on comment please."

but you forgot to check that.

my text is a blog post and I wish visitors of my blog after reading that, if have any analysis about that trend, make a comment and share this with other.
what is your suggest for this sentence?
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Please comment if you wish to offer any analysis of the above.
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Also we should adding count of searched for 'You tube' to 'Youtube' searched.
Will we soon see 'Youtube' in dictionaries or 'Tube' as meaning of 'Video'?

How is my writing?! or
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Will we soon see 'Youtube' as a dictionary entry or 'Tube' with the meaning of 'Video'?

I don't understand your other sentence.