Hi recently I have decided to write short essay with words that I learn everyday.
Please read my writing and bold my mistake.I don't want an elaborate answer.

It was eight o'clock and I was in my bed.Thinking about my decision .a decision that I had made before really thinking about its consequences.Yesterday I volunteered to help my father to change carpets of corridor and get rid of the clutter of boxes that have been backlogged in the garage.but now I was to exhausted and had lost my ambition to do it.I needed a strenuous force to throw me out of bed and impede me from breaking my promise.So I thought about money that need for the party which i have to ask to my father for it and so immediately i jumped out of bed and said to myself "I am man of my word".I went to bathroom to wash my face and then stepped down to the kitchen where my mom was waiting for me.she was looking at me in an esoteric way.she was against dads plan.she was saying that changing carpet is lavish.

Thank you.
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It is hard to say that "lavish" is definitely wrong. However, "lavish" has a certain sense of profusion, scale or grandeur that to me does not quite seem to fit the replacement of carpets in an ordinary family home. Also, there may be a sense that "lavish" is more suitable for description of the actual thing or object than an action or behaviour
Thank you, GPY.
Your explanation was more than enough.Emotion: smile
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