Massacre is fast and indiscriminate. And despite human being’s repeated vows never to do again, new slaughterers appear continuously. Even court’s judgment formed with discretion is hopelessly insufficient before this lunatic terror. Despite lack of international military intervention, which doesn’t seem to be accomplished at a proper time, steady execution of international law is considered one of the most important tools for placing responsibility and preventing future massacre. It was stipulated 60 years ago that massacre was an international crime. But there had been no country punished for massacre before Bosnia charged Serbia laying direct responsibility on them for the event that 8000 people was slaughtered in Serbia. The world court concluded there was a massacre, ruling that though Serbian government didn’t order the massacre, they ‘could prevent it and should have done so’ under the U.N convention on massacre. can be exempt from high reparation through such distinction based on an assortment of evidence collected by special court which judged former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic and those who were arrested on suspicion of war crime in Balkan. It is verified, however, that Serbian government officially conspired. Survivor’s of war crime can never be compensated by court’s judgment. But by strengthening range and competence of international law, it is possible to deter those who will carry out a massacre in the future and their supporters from committing such atrocious crime freely.

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