Writing task: You are a member of the Youth Union Committee in the Faculty of English Language Teacher Education (FELTE). As a book-lover, you believe that reading habit should be encouraged among students due to its considerable benefits. However, based on your observation, reading is not a popular pastime among students in the faculty. Therefore, you decide to propose a plan to promote reading habit in FELTE.

Write a proposal (word limit: 350 words) to the Dean to express your concern, suggest some activities, and ask for any resources/support needed to fulfill the plan



The purpose of this proposal is to discuss some practical future plans to foster interest in reading and seek potential sponsors to fulfill these projects.


Based on my observation, I am fully aware that the majority of students in FELTE lose interest in reading books. The advent of the Internet is regarded as a powerful tool to entertain. Hence, they tend to surf Facebook, watch funny videos instead of reading books.


It would be a good idea to form “Books and Actions Club’’ because reading books brings students many enormous benefits: expanding students’ horizons and improving analytical thinking skills. This club will be a great social forum which not only raises in attendance of bookworms indulging to their passion but also provides students with excellent opportunities to make friends with those who share the same fascinating hobby in the faculty. I suggest that we should organize several compelling activities to engage students’ attraction to join in. The club will meet once a week, each member can have enough time to read chosen books with depth - discussions at the meeting. Furthermore, book fair organized monthly in the whole school would give students a chance of participating in some competitive games, exchanging old books and reading valuable ones without paying attention ny cost. Also, I propose that organizers would hold book review competitions for students to share their thoughts about the books that have inspired them. There will be a special prizes for the winners.

Request for support

To fulfill the plan, it is necessary to carry out an evaluation of the spatial factor and expenses. In terms of space, we need a large empty room to store books and hold the meeting. Furthermore, after due consideration, I find that the cost of starting this book club will be 9 million VND. I hope that the faculty will give financial support of 5 million VND to invest in purchasing different kinds of books on the club list. By this way, the faculty may gain good reputation for training qualified students who are not only proficient in academic knowledge but also highly active in extracurricular activities. Besides, It would be great if the faculty, on behalf of FELTE students, makes an appeal to organizations for donations to equip the club with essential facilities such as desks, chairs and bookshelves.


I strongly believe that the course of action proposed above will achieve the target of encouraging reading habit in FELTE and I hope that my proposal will be taken into serious consideration.

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