We produce a large amount of garbage every day. There are many things we can do to reduce this amount of rubbish. Firstly, we should collect plastic bags and reuse them. Secondly, it is a good idea to put different kinds of waste in different places to recycle or reuse them, for example, food waste for pigs, wastepaper for wrapping, old clothes for cleaning, bottles, and cans for recycling. Lastly, I suggest that we should use reusable bags while shopping to hold our items and bring them home. If we follow these simple rules, we will reduce the amount of garbage we produce daily.


There are many different reasons why students have to learn a foreign language at school. At the moment, most students have to learn English when they are at school. Firstly, it is one of their compulsory subjects. Secondly, English is an international language, so students need to study English well from an early age so that they can easily find a good job in the future. Thirdly, using perfect English helps students communicate with people, make a lot of foreign friends around the world, and know more about events happening all over the world through the English news in the newspapers, on the radio or television. Finally, English also helps students have one more exciting way to relax after hard study days by enjoying many kinds of entertainment TV programs.


Nowadays, English plays an important role in our lives. Firstly, English is a means of important communication among countries because it is an international language and widely spoken worldwide. If we are good at English, we can understand what they say and talk to lots of foreigners. Secondly, English is really useful for us to get a good job in a foreign company with a high salary. Thirdly, using English well is necessary to get social information around the world because many books, newspapers, and magazines are written in English. Therefore, English is essential for our future careers.


As we know, at present, the Internet has become an important part of our everyday life. People can use the Internet to do a lot of things. Firstly, the Internet can be a huge source of information because it is a fast and convenient way to get information about everything such as news, articles and weather forecasts. People don’t need to go to newsstands to buy newspapers or magazines. Secondly, the Internet is an interesting source of entertainment. You can watch videos, listen to your favorite songs, and play amazing games on the Internet. Thirdly, the Internet is also a useful means of education. You can get access to the Internet to attend online lessons for the subjects you want to improve. In addition, the Internet is a wonderful means for self-study. For example, you can learn English on English-studying websites. Finally, the Internet is also a cheap way to communicate with other people by means of email, chatting. In conclusion, the Internet is a fantastic invention of modern life. People can use the Internet for many different purposes.


My dream school is a beautiful school with lots of green trees and many flowers to make the school lively and attractive. It is a large, modern, and clean school. The school has a big yard so that the students can play games comfortably. Next, there is also a large library for students to read books and study. I want to have a canteen with lots of healthy food and drink. In addition, the school has many clubs such as the English club, music club, and football club. Moreover, I would like to learn with many modern types of equipment like overhead projectors and computers. Last but not least, the students are hard-working, friendly, and helpful, and the teachers are kind and well-qualified.


In my opinion, it is necessary for Vietnamese women to wear the ao dai at work. Here are my reasons. Firstly, the ao dai is the traditional dress of Vietnamese women, and it makes women look more graceful and more beautiful. Secondly, wearing the ao dai at work encourages them to be proud of their cultural traditions. Thirdly, the ao dai has never been out of fashion. There are many different styles to choose. They can choose sizes, colors, and fashions that they like best. In conclusion, the ao dai should be worn at work by Vietnamese women as a work dress.

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