Statement of Purpose

I am writing to explain my purpose in applying for the degree programme Computer Science (CTS) at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences.

I grew up in a provincial town of a developing country, where people barely had access to good secondary school education, not saying about higher education. Those days, people did not have mobile phones, Internet connection and personal computers, compared to the Europeans.

I was not fond of career perspectives in my native town. I was keen on studying STEM subjects and grew up with a dream to study computer science. The local university did not have a proper program in computer science, so I got a degree in process automation.

Since I had to pay my bills, I worked in different positions but always kept in mind my dream to become a software developer.

Whole my life I have been interested in IT and STEM subjects. During the last 5 years, I have actively learned information technologies, programming languages on my own. And I used every chance to apply my IT skills to improve my job results.

I was lucky to meet wonderful people and supervisors, who supported my interest in IT and gave me a chance to use my computer knowledge in routine tasks.

Finally, I have occasion and financial opportunity to dedicate myself to learning computer science. I live and work in Moscow and know that both Ukraine and Russia fall behind European countries in education and technologies. I am working hard to become a full-stack software developer to work on important international projects with great impact. I admire how different applications make our life better, how technologies give people opportunities to reach the world they couldn’t get. For example, banking applications give people more capabilities in managing their finance, in getting services online. People with disabilities can work from home using online platforms and messengers; they can order products and services, pay bills without going to the shop or bank in person. Electronic libraries and online courses give children from the smallest villages a potential to get an education, learn languages and be hired on a better job. I want to become a part of it; I want to develop useful programs that will make our life easier and better. I hope to leave a trace and make my mother proud of me.

While choosing a university, I made a great research. But it was hard to make a decision without a first-person opinion. I talked to my friends who study abroad. Some of them get an education in Germany. And after a few conversations with them, I firmed my decision to study in this great country. I would be the happiest person in the world to get a chance to study Computer Science at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences. I am sure that this study program is the best choice for me because I admire achievements of professors of this course, I am interested in Internship in your university, and also I explored the program of Computer Science course and can’t wait to start classes.

I always wanted to become an open-minded person, international professional with respect to diversity, humanity and people rights. And I will put all my efforts to become such person in 5 years. Germany is the country that shows the world respect for human rights and diversity. That has technological achievements and world-changing organizations. I am ready to break the boundaries of the familiar world and be inspired by great examples of your country. And it would be my pleasure to learn and practice in the homeland of Albert Einstein.

Yours sincerely,
<Name Surname>

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