I would appreciate any advice, comment or correction which you might notice in the following passage. Many thanks for the native speakers' time and help!

The smaller is your region the better is your interaction with customers

Can you remember yourself searching through vacation rental web sites? Was destination important to you? Or was there no difference? I can hardly imagine the traveler who searches a property for rent all over the world. For me there is a difference between Sydney and Rome and I prefer to visit the web sites, dedicated to specific regions. Why?

The answer is simple: I like the attitude to me as a traveler. Should I contact the web site owner, all of my questions (including the one about bathroom walls color in the house I want to rent) will be answered in an attentive and detailed manner. I will be informed of the banks offering the best currency exchange rates, about the restaurants with the best food, about everything, which matter for a traveler in a foreign country.
Kedra, before I do anything with this, who is the audience? Are you talking TO the vacation traveler looking for a rental? Or to the rental owners, telling them why they should use your service?
Thank you, Grammar Geek, for getting back to me on this. The text target audience is the potential buyers of the rental software. I was trying to explain the advantage of being a small rental web site owner. In other words, I was trying to prove that when you own the web site dedicated to some separate area (not the whole world), you can give more attention and more information to visitors of your web site. I hope this helps. Again, thank you for your help!