The pie charts illustrate the average household energy spending and greenhouse gas emissions in Australia in terms of 6 different categories.

Overall, it is clear that Australian householders use the largest proportion of energy on heating, water heating and other appliances. Result from this energy use, the percentage figures for emitting greenhouse gas of these categories account for the bigger part of the total.

In terms of household energy use, the highest category is heating, which represents 42% of the total energy spending. Water heating and other appliances each account for 30% and 15%, respectively. The figures for refrigeration, lighting and cooling take the remaining of the total with 13%.

In terms of household greenhouse gas emissions, water heating (32%), heating (15%) and other appliances (28%) are the 3 main sources which emit greenhouse gas. Whereas, there was a lower percentage of the other three sectors refrigeration, lighting and cooling, at 14%, 8% and 3% respectively.

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