It is argued that instead of investing on roads, the authorities should put more resources into railways. While it is reasonable to spend money on roads, I believe that railways should be targeted,

On the one hand, the argument that roads ought to be spent money on is reasonable to some extent. Firstly, most people use roads because of their personal vehicles. For example, over two-thirds of Vietnamese had their own motorbike; therefore, traveling on roads is convenient and practical. Secondly, building or repairing roads used less time and money than that processes on railways. It takes a great deal of time, approximately several years or even decades to construct such a long railway, so investing on roads seems to be more attractive.

On the other hand, there are various reasons that I maintain that political leaders should pay more attention and money on railways. If planned meticulously and suitably, it will be convenient for inhabitants and tourists to commute or travel, because we can avoid traffic congestion in rush hours. As a result, traveling on railways will have positive impacts on people. Moreover, it is a public transportation so it provides cheaper means of transport people can sell me to get their impacts on the environment which have long lasting effects on our society.

All in all, although investing on roads seemed to be more realistic, I believe the government should put more resources into railways for social benefits.

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