Overview of Kubera restaurant ( F&B3 )

- Kubera Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the second luxury apartment building and also the 5-star hotel of the same name of Champa Island with a total construction area of 12,663m2 with 5 floors and 1 sale floor with 156 apartments. .

-The restaurant serves buffet breakfast, A-la-cart with the style of enhancing Vietnamese cuisine on the European platform.

-The restaurant is open and welcomes the first guests on December 19, 2017.

-Also Kubera restaurant is also responsible for 1500m2 Oasis Swimming Pool business with a depth of 0.8m-1.5m.

Work environment & business activities of Kubera restaurant

Work environment:

-The restaurant consists of three areas with European-style tables and chairs suitable for the 5-star environment of the restaurant:

+ Zone A consists of 14 tables with 2 tables for 4 guests and 12 tables for 2 guests.

+Zone B has 22 tables including 4 tables for 4 guests, 7 tables for 2 guests, 11 tables for 3 guests along the river.

+ Zone C consists of 17 tables, each with 4 chairs. Especially zone C is designed with artificial grass background, stone table, rattan chair and lying on the river bank to make customers feel close to nature.

-Shop Bar in a restaurant with area A is equipped with many modern machinery and equipment.

-The buffet is located with the A area and the Bar is decorated with modern lighting system, luxury to attract more customers when choosing food.

- Egg Station is located opposite the bar to serve eggs in the morning for customers with 5 eggs:

⦁ Omelette

⦁ Scrambled eggs

⦁ Fried eggs

⦁ Poached eggs

⦁ Boiled eggs

- The restaurant has also different areas:

General storehouse: The place for restaurants and tools.

Ly Glass washing room and also the place to store the food of the Bar in the restaurant.

Kitchen includes four main areas: Hot kitchen, Cold kitchen, Cold storage, Dishwashing room.

- The most special is the Oasis Swimming Pool with two modern bars (Oasis Pool Bar) with three areas designed in the liberal style of the pool space with many sun loungers, and many tables for multi Different types of guests. There is also the Oasis Fitness Center, which is open from 6 to 21 hours, fully equipped with the most modern training equipment for fitness and cardiovascular equipment.

Business activities

Restaurants serving a variety of services such as:

⦁ Serve Buffet breakfast from 6 hours to 10 hours.

⦁ Serve A-la-cart from 10 am to 22 pm.

Room Room Service from 10am to 10pm.

⦁ Pool service (Oasis Pool Bar) from 6:00 to 21:30.

Pizza Pizza service from 10 am to 22 pm.

⦁ Serving wedding party in restaurant lobby or Oasis swimming pool area.

⦁ Also from July 14, 2018, with the consent of the leadership, the restaurant held a Pool Party at the pool.

Table of assign task

Kubera restaurant staff is assigned with two shifts with different time division but in fact employees work in shifts 5h-13h, M4 (6h-14h), A2 (13h-21h) , A3 (14h-22h) is mainly.

- Work shifts for Part time employees include: M2 (6h-11h), 16h-22h.

-In addition, there are shifts for full time staff of the restaurant on the main shift days as follows: M1 (6am-10pm), 5am-10pm, M11 (18h-22h).

-Each week, employees will be entitled to a day off with a payday symbol marked by DO.

-In the event of a sudden break or taking a vacation outside of paid days, it is considered an excused absence which is designated as OL.

-In cases of unexcused leave, the character is UN.

-In case the employee wants to change his / her work shift, he / she must have the consent of the manager.

Assignment of work

* During the internship at the restaurant and with the guidance of the instructors as well as all the staff, Kubera learned about the staff's work at the restaurant every day as follows:

-In a normal working day the job is divided into several different stages.

+ From 5 am to 6 am the staff's task is to prepare breakfast buffet for guests including tasks such as:

Setup dining tables in 3 zones.

Set the name tag of the dish at the buffet and the food picker.

Prepare the cleaning area for guests who have finished eating (Runner Area).

Prepare a light drink for guests (Bartender staff).

Open the fan system before 6 o'clock.

Prepare related and replacement tools in the process of serving guests at two Station cabinets located between zones A and B and a cabinet at zone C including: knives, forks, napkins, tea cups, lined plates. ..

⦁ Finally, during this period, prepare serving tables, table cloths, glass spray bottles, paper cups and check all stations and cabinets.

+ From 6 am to 10 am, serving breakfast buffet for guests to continue with the work

⦁ Ask the guest room number (Cashier or waitress)

⦁ Lead guests to the table in accordance with the number of guests.

⦁ Pour tea for guests.

⦁ Solve customer inquiries during the use of Buffet service.

⦁ Clean up used utensils on the guest table(If the guest has left, proceed to set up the table to welcome the next guest)

⦁ After completing the tooling, the end user will bring everything to the Runner area from which Runner's staff will transport all tools to the dishwasher area by trolley.

⦁ An employee is assigned to the dishwashing area to clean clean and transport tools and arrange them in their positions.

⦁ During this time there will be an employee who is assigned to the task of cleaning the Buffet counter and a staff member to wash the glass.

⦁ At 9:50 am, inform the customer that the morning buffet is about to close so that the customer can get the food for the last time.

+ From 10 am to 11 pm conduct cleaning after serving breakfast buffet and proceed to serve A-la-cart, Room service.

Runner Runner staff proceeds to clean up the Buffet and bring all dirty tools to the washing area, then clean the Runner area and the trolley.

⦁ During this time, guests of A-la-cart are almost unavailable, so all areas are cleaning tables and chairs and re-setting up all A-la-cart tables.

⦁ An employee responsible for counting dirty napkins and handing dirty napkins to a clean napkin at the Laundry Department.

⦁ Glass washing staff arranges and classifies glasses at the bar area.

The dishwasher continues to complete the tool cleaning and sorting the tools and transfer them to a staff member in their positions.

⦁ During this time, there will be a staff assigned to clean up the used tools for serving breakfast to the general warehouse, three staff for the three districts to conduct general cleaning and table arrangement. .

⦁ A customer service staff Room service.

⦁ Finally, all employees must complete the work before 11 o'clock.

+ From 11:00 to 13:00:

⦁ Two employees were divided into a pool to set up a table and poolside with Bartender staff

⦁ Three employees in the restaurant arrange a napkin and room service, as well as serve A-la-cart (if any).

⦁ The rest of the staff took the meal and dine, then returned to the restaurant and exchanged for the five original employees to stay for lunch.

⦁ After lunch, two swimmers continued to work while the staff in the restaurant arranged the tools, tables and chairs to hide to hand over to the afternoon shift staff.

⦁ Finally, at 12:30, hand over to the afternoon shift staff.

+ From 13:00 to 22:00: This time period will normally have guests A-la-cart, Room service, guests in Oasis pool, Pizza customers from other areas so the work is divided as follows:

⦁ An employee with the Bartender on the pool and serves guests here.

⦁ Three employees in the restaurant serve A-la-cart as well as the Guest Room service at Kubera and Uma Condotel and deliver Pizza at all areas in the Champa resort.

⦁ After shifting the shift with the morning shift staff, the afternoon shift staff continues to complete the remaining work of the morning shift that has not been completed.

⦁ In this shift, similar to the morning shift, you will receive a meal ticket and a break to eat dinner, the staff will divide it into two meals as morning shift.

⦁ About 20:30 minutes, prepare tools such as tofu, pepper, flowerpot, etc. for the next morning's buffet and still divide it to serve A-la-cart and Room service.

⦁ From 21:30, proceed to remove all tools on the table of all areas and arrange them in their positions. In the meantime, if there is a guest, the staff informs the customer that the restaurant is closed for payment.

⦁ After cleaning each employee check whether each area is completed or not.

⦁ At the end of the evening shift as well as a working day, the staff will turn off the entire electric light system of the restaurant before the end of the shift.

-Working of the days when guests book a dinner party at the Pool Oasis and every Saturday evening starting on July 14, 2018, the Pool Party is still the same as normal days but the employee's shift can are broken or overtime cases on these days. Work in these days has the following changes:

⦁ After 10 o'clock in the morning, there will be 3 or 4 employees in the restaurant to clean the bathroom and Room service telephone as well as A-la-cart guests, the rest of the staff will come out The pool area arranged and set up the dining table.

  • At 12 o'clock all the morning shift workers will be returned and shifted from 16 o'clock, for the afternoon shift staff to do the shift right now to continue the work.
  • After the end of the party, the staff proceeds to clean up and return the old area of ​​the pool. In the case of cleaning through 22 hours, the staff of the next morning shift will be returned at 22:00, the rest will be continue to shift to clean up.

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