1. That would be great, but I _______promised.

a) have all ready b) 've already

c)have already d) all ready

my answer is: c

2. Thanks for all _____ for us.

a) you've done b)that you've done

my answer is: a

3. It crossed my mind________thought of asking for a raise.

a) whether you have ever b) whether you would ever

c) whether you had ever

my answer is: b

4. John: Happy Christmas.


a) Happy Christmas to you,too. b) Happy Christmas.

my answer is : a

5. I was ____________if you could go over this letter for me?

a) wondering b)wonderer

my answer is: b

thank you for your help
1. B and C are both correct.

2. A and B are both correct.

3. A and C are both correct

4. A and B are both correct

5. A is correct

You need to consider changing schools.
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
What if I want to use "would" instead?

whether you would ever thought of asking for a raise.
I said:
3. A and C are both correct
'Would' is not correct. 'Would thought' is impossible. 'Would think' or 'would have thought'.