Hi everyone. I'm a silent one, but have been enjoying the posts since I set EnglishForward as my favorite in January.

My name is Dennis. I'm going to German as a Youth Exchange Student of Rotery next year. I have to give a self-presentation-test this weekend in front of other students. These are the words that i have just finished. Could you guys help me to check them up?

Self Presentation 0319

Good Morgain uncles, aunts and fellow friends! It’s my pleasure and honor to be here in German for the coming year with you all.
My name is Yu Cheng, and most of my close friends call me Dennis or Fish. You may find it strange to be called as food just as my sending Rotary Club’s uncles and aunts did. It is because that my first name YU sounds like fish in Chinese. I came from Yi-Lan which is located on the northern part of Taiwan. It is a county famous for its less population and abundant natural sources such as cold springs and fresh air.
There are five members in my family, mom, dad, grandma, brother and I. My Dad is a principle of a junior high school near my home and my mom is a teacher in the school that I was just graduated from. Danny, my older brother used to be YEP students to Finland two years ago. It is he that encouraged me to participate the YEP program most. And I, I had just applied for National Taiwan University successfully.
I have quite a few interests. To begin with, Reading is my favorite. No sooner had we gone to elementary school than my parents asked my brother and I to read books. They not only enriched my life but also enlightened my mind. I never go to bed without a book! Besides, I like music very much. I have participated in the school Chinese Music Club for past three years. I am good at playing Er-Hoo(or Chinese violin). Third, I am also enjoying cycling and playing tennis. For instance, I had taken a bicycle-trip for 560km two years ago. Last but not the least; I have been practicing calligraphy since I was 10 years old. I’m also skilled in it!
During my stay here, I would like to do my best to provide you with information of Taiwan and its culture, and also I am looking forward to experience your culture and learn your language as possible as I can. Frankly speaking, it will be quite difficult for me to do so because of my language ability at first, but with all your warm and kind understanding and assistance, I am convinced that I will overcome all the difficulty soon.
Well, as an old proverb goes”time and tide waits for no man”. I can’t waste your time too much. I’m appreciated that I have an opportunity to stand right here. And thank you all for your attention.
Hi Dennis,

you sound nice and friendly and your mistakes in spelling and so on will be less noticeable as this is going to be spoken. I'm slightly confused though, why are you speaking to Germans in English? (By the way the name of their country is Germany, not German. Best to get that right!)
and one more: guten morgen or good morning?