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Prompt: Most people accept that we now live in globalized world but not everyone agrees that this is beneficial. To what extent is globalization a positive or negative development?

Ever since the nineteenth century, globalization has had influences on every aspect of the world, from politics, economics, to societal. This phenomenon is a complicated issue, and it brings about both advantages and disadvantages, all of which are here to stay.

Supporters of globalization advocate cite global economic growth and cultural understanding as two of the most noticeable merits. First, with reduced trade restrictions, namely tariffs, barriers, taxes, and the likes, in tandem with easier outsourcing of labour, it is only natural that the economic situation of every country, especially the third-world ones, has immensely benefited. Second, globalization has helped to break down cultural barriers by facilitating contact between different cultures. This exposure, in turn, allows more understanding and acceptance, enabling people to be more open and tolerant. Moreover, increased co-operation between governments around the world is another plausible impact, which is a step towards a planet of peace and prosperity.

Nonetheless, the naysayers of globalization advocate that the loss of cultural identity and other prevalent detrimental proclivities are worth considering. Admittedly, the repercussions of the contact between cultures is the more dominant overshadowing the less. A case in point is Vietnam, where a number of practices from Western culture, including but not limited to celebrating Christmas, Halloween, to name a few, is ubiquitous among the young, whilst traditional events are being forgotten by the young. Furthermore, given the lowered barrier and easier movement between countries, epidemics are one serious implication, exemplified by the recent outbreaks of the Ebola virus and avian influenza. Additionally, the decentralization of manufacturing has also resulted in factories constructed in cheap-labour nations, destroying the natural integrity of the environment of the world as a whole.

In conclusion, globalization is inevitable, and it will play an even more prominent role in the future of the world. From my perspective, it offers both opportunities and pitfalls in equal measure, and the world needs to make the most of it.

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