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The chart shows average hours spent doing housework each week by gender and marital status in Fancyland. Write a report of about 150 words for your examiner(s) describing the information in the chart

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The chart shows average hours spent doing housework each week by gender and marital status in Fancyland. In general, whatever their marital status is, women always work harder on housework than men.
It can be seen clearly from the chart that men spend just around 20 hours doing housework per week. The most hard-working of them are divorcés and widowers with 21 and 24 hours respectively. The others spend less than 20 hours, of whom single men living with parents spend the least time (15 hours)
The situation is partly similar to women’s. Single women living in parental home also spend the least time doing housework with 19 hours per week but married ones the most time with 35 hours per week. Cohabitants and divorcées have the same average weekly housework hours of 31 hours. The two left types of women slightly differently spend in the region of 25 hours per week.
On the whole, it’s obivous that people without family ties care fore housework less than those who have ever married.
Your analysis contains a few errors. Cohabitating and married men both spend more time than the divorced or widowed men. Divorced men, who have clearly been married, do less housework than their cohabitating, married or widowed counterparts - do you think they "care less" for housework? (look at your last sentence)

You are assigning values like "work harder" or "care less" instead of sticking to the facts of number of hours worked.

Don't say "the left types" because you need to assume the people can't see the chart, but you can say "those never married."

Simply citing the number of hours is not very interesting. However, noting that married women spend almost the equivalent of a full-time job, generally considered to be 40 hours per week, on housework, might be an interesting obervation. There's also an interesting difference in the division of work between couples living together, which is almost equal, and those who are married, where the man's contribution drops while the woman's increases signifcantly.
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