The bar chart compares the proportion of US citizens living alone from 1850 to 2000.

Overall, there was a decrease in all age groups increase throughout of this period. Aloso, the percentage of people living alone in the 55-64 age group was highest.

In 1850, the information about people living alone in 3 types of age groups from 37 to 64 was relatively similar, at around 2.4 percent. This figure remained relatively constant in 5 decades later. Furthermore, there was a new age group from 27 to 36 with just over 2 percent in the same year.

The proportions of US dwellers living alone rose slightly from 3 age groups before and a new age group of youngster, while there was a sharp climb in elderly group. The rest of the period saw a significant increase in all age groups. The proportion of elderly living alone was the highest, at around 17%. By contrast, the rate for youngster was at the lowest in 5 different age groups of about 5%. Approximately 13% of people living alone in 47-54 group, compared to 8% and 7% in 27-36 and 37-46 group respectively.

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