As I enter the ad agency the setting at the entrance was akin to a cafe – with tables and chairs arranged nicely. Artificial plants & wall mounted lamps were placed meticulously that enhance the aura of atmosphere. When I made myself comfortable on one of the chairs, my eye caught the LCD tv installed on the opposite wall, on which Oxygen channel was running – clips of all ads, product information etc. Now when that element (LCD tv) came into a picture, it really give me a feel of an ad agency, where creative and innovation ideas are born and get shaped into a thought-provoking campaigns.
Then one guy came to call me in and shown me direction to go upstairs. I climbed that wood staircases and when up, that leads to the other department, passing through it I entered conference room...er...library. No I think it was conference room, round glass table was installed in the cente with chairs around it. On the one side of the room there was showcase which shelved all the books. Indeed I was tempted to put my hand on it to see the collection.
Then again I came down to had a chat with Mr. Ravi and ya at last I even got opportunity to see copy department. In all this was an excellent experience.
Seems you were propositioned by a sodomite!

shaped into thought-provoking campaigns

bar9onSeems you were propositioned by a sodomite!
What??? How in the WORLD did you draw this inference?

CG: It would benefit from a topic sentence that told me what I was reading. Were you there for an interview for a job? To see how things worked in an ad agency? Are you supposed to be telling how the visit affected your senses?
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Ya you are correct but i basically apply for freelancer writer....o just to check the thought process they give you as assignments
CreativeguruYa you are correct but i basically apply for freelancer writer..o just to check the thought process they give you as assignments
I mean no disrespect when I ask this, but is the above a sample of the type of writing you expect to turn in as a freelance writer?
grammar around 70 percent for a none english speaker, which is quite good!

grammar around 30 percent for a native english speaker.

reasonable insight for readers, < you gave a fairly good discription of the scene>

tip! not everything is interesting! don't try to make boring things interesting!

reasonable for a novice writer.
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No doubt I want to become a good writer...and indeed I know this sample won't make a person or turn him into a good writer.

I have myself realised my mistakes...like it should be As I entered instead of As i enter...very basic mistake for which i must be alert if i want to be a good writer.

I am very good at describing things but I lack with good grammatical skills, I am not very bad at it but ya even a small mistakes kill the credibility. Hence I am here to learn from experts like you, whom i am grateful because kind soulsa like you take out time to help people like us

Thanks a lot
So as per your feedback i can be a good writer who can win others' hearts