The map highlights the potential changes to a sports center in the university by comparing the current layout with the future design. Overall, the sports center will undergo several dramatic changes, the most important of which are the development of amenities catering to recreational needs and the expansion to the west and East.

In the northwest of the center, the outdoor courts will be converted into a swimming pool, while the other courts will be turned into a sports hall in the east. In the center, no changes will be made to the dressing room, 25m pool, and the seating area, while in the north section, the gymnasium will be extended to the East. After innovation, to the northeast, two dance studios will be constructed adjacent to each other.

In the future, to the south of the 25m pool, the reception area will remain. Meanwhile, to either sides of the reception desk, two changing rooms will be built in the corners. There will also be sports shop and cafeteria offered to the university’s students.

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