Many students find it is harder to study at university or college compared to when they were in grade school.

Why is this?

What are some possible solutions for this problem?

It is obvious that higher education seems numerous students so tough rather than grade school. In my opinion, two of the best explanations for this situation are the intensity of curriculum and the increased assessment capacity of students and it can be recovered with some systematic steps in education.

To begin with, why students find study at university as challenging compared with primary school is that not only the curriculum at university is so comprehensive but also students start to think what they do and why. The former, the course content have been gradually intensified from elementary school to university. Thus, many students struggle to understand the lessons at high education. The latter, a student in primary school does not think why s/he goes to school and takes some lessons, s/he just pursues going to school without questioning but an undergraduate can appreciate all situation related to lessons, education system so on and this review process lead students to see university difficult as it inhibits for students to accept the education system.

To solve this issue, the governments bodies dealing with the education should bring some regulations to reduce the curriculum density and make the students at university a part of education system. Indeed, if authorities dilute curricular content and make this curriculum more attractive for these students by involving them into the preparation process of this system, the undergraduate can concentrate more on lessons, and they can feel themselves to be the creators of the education system whereby their questioning ability could contribute the education.

In conclusion, the reason of that education at university is a tall order compared to grade school for many students is related to curriculum and the students’ advanced capacity of assessment. I claim that the new system regulated with the active participation of students can solve this problem.

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