Topic: As well as making money, businesses also have social responsibilities. Do you agree or disagree?


It is argued that companies not only make money for their own but also need to be responsible for society. While I agree that generating profits is the priority of each enterprise, I also believe that corporations should conduct their business in socially responsible manners.

On the one hand, the firms have maximized their profits brings some benefits to society as a whole. Firstly, the more money these businesses earn, the more taxes they have to pay for the government. Those taxes then will become revenue which is used to spend for key fields such as education, health care… In other words, thanks to those companies, our society has been maintaining and developing in some ways. Secondly, to earn a huge amount of profits, it is necessary for enterprises to expand their production as well as promoting human resources, which can create many job opportunities within the community.

On the other hand, all businesses must have social responsibilities because their production processes affect greatly environment. For example, if the waste treatment system is installed in a company, the source of water will not be polluted by discharging garbage into rivers. Besides, the air quality can be improved when emission stemming from those corporations is reduced significantly. Another reason is that businesses should help those who are less fortunate as they have money to do that. For instance, big corporations such as Unilever and Vinamlik have enhanced their public image through philanthropic actions such as providing scholarships or giving charitable donations.

In conclusion, although I assume that making profits is the fundamental principle of businesses, I agree that all companies need to profoundly reflect upon their social responsibilities.

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