Could you please help me with these?

- I don't think like/the way I did when I was younger.
- You want me to message a precise/specific area.
- What more does she have/What does she have that I don't.
- Not long after he turned off the tv did I go to sleep./You went to sleep not long after he turned tv off.
- I'm this close from insulting him./to insulting him.
The appliance is working even less/even less well with these batteries than those.
- The madder she would get, the worse she would drive. So we would try not to make her mad behind the wheel./the madder she got, the worse she drived...

Thank you
1 either

2 either

3 either

4 not long after he tured off the tv I went to sleep [the other is fine]

5 to

6 the madder she got, the worse she drove. so we tried not to make her mad
Could someone please take a look at this for me?

Thank you
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