Could you please help me with these questions? The bold is what I think.

- How many minutes do we have left/How many minutes are left. BOTH
- The mouthpiece is molded to your teeth./ The mattress moulds to the shape of the body. BOTH

- THe food gets cold very quickly. OK
- This letter was meant/intended for her.
- She looks older than her age. / than she actually is. BOTH
- Losing 10 dollars to me is like losing 1000 to you./it's as if you lost 1000.
- There are police at station where there are lots of people./with lots of people. BOTH

Thank you
Could anyone please help me with these?

Thank you
1. Those are both fine (of course you need a question mark at the end though)
2. Those both seem to be ok, as long as you are saying that the mouthpiece is pre-molded and doesn't change every time you put it in your mouth.
3. I wouldn't say this, unless you are talking about a specific type of food that always seems to get cold quickly or you are saying something like, "The food gets cold very quickly when left outside in the snow."

4. Either one
5. I think both are ok, I would normally say the second though.
6. The second one isn't right at all. The first might be ok, but I would say, "For me, losing 10 dollars would be like losing 1000 for you." I switched to with for because "to" makes it sound like the person getting the money is winning it from someone else.
7. Both are ok. The first just states that there are a lot of people at the station, while the second implies that the people there are acutally around the police. In reality though, I'd say "There are police at the station, and there are lots of people with them."