Could you please tell me which word you'd pick in these sentences a,d how to say it properly?

1 Can you stop making noise whenever I'm about to ask you something/every time I about to ask you something?
2 The important files will finish downloading/to download first.
3 How many episodes does season 1 have/are there in season 1?
4 I want to buy one that's as big as possible./the biggest possible one.
5 Your name matches/fits/goes with your Physique. Your last name is Pretty and you are pretty.

Thank you
For #5, consider the underlying metaphors:

1. Etymologically, "match" is cognate with "mate". So if X matches Y, X and Y form a pair of some kind. Thus if I say "your red waistcoat matches your eyes", it means you have red eyes. (Or it might mean your waistcoat complements your eyes.)

2. A shoe fits a foot, a handle fits the blade of a knife, a washer fits the tap.

3. "Goes with" suggests "accompanies" or "looks good with", especially in the context of clothing. So a spotted tie almost certainly doesn't go with your striped shirt; and a redheaded person might believe that a green jacket goes with their hair.

Which of these seems most appropriate, in your sentence?
MrPedanticyour red waistcoat matches your eyes
reminded me of "Loving you Has Made Me Bananas" by Guy Marks:

Oh, your red scarf matches your eyes
You close your cover before striking.
Your father has the shipfitter's blues.
Loving you has made me bananas.

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I'm not sure which one seems more appropriate. Could you let me know please?
Do you think you could tell me what you think of the others too by any chance?

Thank you
Ok, we can come back to #5.

Turning to #1:

1a Can you stop making (a) noise whenever I'm about to ask you something?

1b Can you stop making (a) noise every time I('m) about to ask you something?

What difference do you see between the two emboldened phrases?
khoffyour red scarf

Well divined!
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