Could you please help me choose the word or phrase that fits?

- I don't want the little girl doing more than someone her own age because her parents don't have all their faculties./because of her parents who don't have all their faculties.
- There was a piece of glass stuck in my sole./outsole
- When I'm/When I turn 29 you'll be 35.
- I don't know what my size will be in two months after my pregnancy./I won't know my size in 2 months.
- I don't know what's/which is pretty and what's not as I'm not into fashion.
- Her dad is very good at disciplining his children.

Thank you
1. either makes sense

2. in the sole of my shoe

3. when I turn/when I'm - either

4. first option

5. what's / what's

6. fine
Could you please help me with these sentences?

Thank you
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the judge deliberated for an hour and then gave he verdict.
alc24Could you please help me with these sentences?

Thank you

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