Hi EF guys,

I need just confirmation, whether I got the point of the next sentence from this situation....

Situation: Woman from FBI is sitting in her office and making an affidavit (list of the facts and evidences, which authorizes her to do something, it's not important what it is....)

During the making of this list, she said: "Talk about the art of making evidence sound more rock solid than it is."

Please how would you paraphrase this sentence? My bet is: "The rumors about how hard is to get an evidence are correct" ....or something like that... i have no idea.

Can you please confirm it? I had been thinking about it for 30 minutes before I put together my tip..Emotion: crying....That's why I'm asking if it's correct....

many thanks in advance

'Making evidence sound more rock solid than it is' = the evidence is weak, but I'm making it stronger or the evidence is good, and I'm making it better.
'Talk about' = boy, isn't this a good example of...

I hope this helps.
Wow! Philip you're god! Many thanks for your reply....It seems that you're right, because she said it with smile on her face....

Anyway, I have a little problem with the concatenation of your two parts into one sentence.....Did you mean it as:

Talk about the art of making evidence sound more rock solid than it is = Isn't that classical situation, where the evidence is being made stronger than it is.....

Please confirm and many thanks. This sentence have beaten the hell out of me...:-(((