Hello !
I'm Popruzhenko Vasily.
Please, all that I ask of you in this petition today is to expedite the consideration of my application. I have two children who have to go to school in first grade. They would like to go to the first class at your school. There is very little time before the new academic year. If they go to school in the middle of the school year they will be hard to catch up with lost curriculum.
I'm also going to work at the "Jett Investments company” at the Regina
Jett Investments offer me a full time position as a drywall installer.

I am grateful, you.
Hi Vasily, I have never helped on this forum before but I would be happy to help you as it seems it has been a long time since you posted your request. Do you still need help?
Yes I Do.
My application on immigration is considered a very long time and I want to write a letter to the immigration center that would find out why so long.
I would like if someone corrected my letter.
Here is a letter came

Sorry for the trouble. How can I check the status of my application? I applied to immigrate to Canada as a federal skilled worker. It was applied on 02-December-2011 .
I feel very anxious because my two children have to go to school in September. There is very little time before the new academic year. If they go to school in the middle of the school year they will be hard to catch up with lost curriculum. Five families who applied a month later us. They have already received certificates in June. Please shed light on the issue.
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Ok Vasily, this is how I would write your letter with the words that you used and what I see to be your meaning :
To the Canadian Immigration Center,
Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Popruzhenko Vasily and I have submitted an application for _____(here you would put whatever it stated on the application paper you sent to them, using their terminology (words that they use) such as residency, work visa or whatever on the 2nd of December, 2011. I know that these applications take a long time to process; however, I have 2 young school age children that need to be enrolled into an elementary school for fall. As a parent, I am very concerned about putting them in one school only to have take them out and put them into another. Such disruptions are not only a problem for them academically but are also detrimental to their ability to transition into their new environment. My hope is for them to transition as smoothly as possible and of course have them start in the school that they are going to be attending.
So my question to you is this : Is there any way that my application can be expedited? I have been offered a full time position at Regina Jett Investments as a drywall installer. They are located in ____ (here you would name the city they are in and perhaps the province if not obvious)
If you know of anything that I can do to help speed things up, please let me know. Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
I most gratefully thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.
Yours truly,
I just kind of 'ad libbed' it. I know nothing of immigration rules so I really can't help you there.
Good Luck - I have a good feeling about this, let me know what happens.
Thank you for your help! You helped me a lot.
I really disappointed with my moving to Canada. I'm writing to the Canadian Immigration Center all the time and they're answering me that my file still is in the processing queue and no time frame can be given. But five families applied a month later than I. And they have already received certificates in June. They now get visas. I don’t now why those who submit documents later than I receiving the answers sooner than I