Letter question

You recently did a short cookery course.The cookery school has asked for your feedback on this course

Write a letter to the course director at the cookery school.In your letter

Describe what you enjoyed about he course

Say how muchh cooking you've done since the course

Suggest another cookery course you'd like the school to offer

Dear Sir,

I am writing to show my satisfaction and appreciation on completing a 3 months knowledgeable short cookery course. It was wonderful experience which I am sure helped out every student in enhancing their cooking skills and boosting their confidence. We had experienced variety of baking recipes during the course. We had come across to know unique recipes of marble cake,red velvet cake and chocolate fudge cake etc. I really enjoyed the learning environment because the teachers were friendly and their way of teaching was so impressive and helping me to retain each step in my memory.

Before enrolling on this, I was not very much familiar with cooking stuffs but when I completed the course, I got attracted to my kitchen from time to time. Besides cake recipes, I have tried patties,cookies and brownies recipes too at my home and they come out scrumptious that everyone in my relatives enjoys it.Y our unique recipes also help me to become prominent in ladies circles.

Being an aspiring chef, I would like to request and recommend you that your school should come up with more cookery courses such as learning of different cuisines Thai, Chinese and Mexican etc. It will be a great help for every aspiring chef.

Looking forward to hearing the ammencement of such courses soon

Yours faithfully,


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