There are no bad teachers, only lax teachers. People can define a good teacher in many different ways, such as his teaching styles, personality, communication skills, and educations. Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Liu are professional math teachers in High school, but they teach in different education systems. Mrs. Jones is a high school math teacher who teaches based on an American education systems and Mrs. Liu is a math high school teacher who teaches based on a Chinese education systems. They differ in three main ways, which are teaching styles, methodology, and passions of teaching. In contrast between Mrs. Jones’ and Mrs. Liu’s teaching results, students in Mrs. Liu’s class have better grades and better understanding of math than Mrs. Jones’ class.

Good teaching styles based on teachers’ beliefs about what constitutes good teaching, personal preferences, and abilities. Mrs. Jones is a typical math teacher who teaches in . Her belief is students should study hard by themselves, a teacher role as an advisor who is helping the students in the class. She has never pushed her students, even though there are some students who have really bad grade. She likes to spend most of her class time to do in-class worksheet and sometimes chats to her students while teaching, rather than explain specific math skills solving problems. Mrs. Jones does not do enough preparation works before she teaches, therefore, she can not explain few math skills solutions clearly to class. Therefore, there are many students do not well-understanding math problems, and have good grades. In contrast, Mrs. Liu who is teaching high school math based on Chinese education systems. Mrs. Liu’s teaching styles are stricter than Mr. Jones’. Mrs. Liu believes a teacher is important to students, because being a teacher should take care of her students, especially their grades; and a good teacher should guide her students how to get better grades and better levels in their studies. Mrs. Liu much cares about her students compare to Mrs. Jones does. She provides free tutoring to her students who have bad grades and gives extra helps to her honors students who want to achieve better level of math. She does a lot of preparation before she teaches, such as extra specific math problems and handouts. Also, she explains all the specific math problems clearly in class. According to Mrs. Liu’s teaching styles, students in her class well-understanding math and have strongly abilities to solving math problems.

Teaching methodology is important to teachers. Mrs. Jones likes to use PowerPoint while teaching. PowerPoint shows math problems solutions steps clearly with colorful math images and figures to students, some good PowerPoint assignment also include recorded voices which explain every math steps while click next step. Students can learn math problems from the PowerPoint directly and clearly understand every math problem solving steps. However, the negative effects of using PowerPoint are students sometimes loss mind or do not pay too much attentions to it, also, PowerPoint roles as a teacher to the students, but Mrs. Jones have not do much positive things for her jobs. How can students in improve their grades and math skills by learning from PowerPoint? On the other hand, Mrs. Liu likes to using black board rather than using new technology methods assistance while teaching. She likes to write the math problems and solutions on board and explain reasons to her class, sometimes she asks students do some math problems on board, and does the corrections and explanations with students’ work on board. Students will pay more attention to watch her writing of math solutions steps, and listen carefully about the explanations. These are the reasons students in Mrs. Liu’s class are better understanding math problems.

Teaching with passion it is not only about motivating students to learn, but also teaching students how to learn, and doing so in a manner that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable. It is about caring for your craft, having a passion for it, and conveying that passion to everyone, most importantly to students. Mrs. Jones as a math teacher who is teaching in American, she has insurants and social benefits guarantees under cover by government. Therefore, she has not paid enough passion to her students; such as chat with students in class, she does not teach keeps students motivated and emotionally positive, such as does not guide her students how to achieve better levels of math, instead , she just provide simple tasks to her students, and try to make them be happy with their grades. In a contrast to Mrs. Liu who has a lot of passions with teaching. She is pride of being a teacher, and respected by others. She motivated her students with her hard working, which is not only in-class preparations and teaching, but also has free tutoring to students who have bad grade and honor students who want to achieve better math levels outside the class. A teacher like Mrs. Jones has without a passionate commitment. She cannot last in a leadership role because the needs often surpass the resources available to meet them.

No pain, no gain. Mrs. Jones is not a bad teacher. However, compare and contrast to Mrs. Liu who is a typical math teacher in , Mrs. Liu is a good example of being a good teacher because of her hard work and great passion in teach.
You need to focus on one single aspect at a time when comparing the two.
Personally I believe that you should had a strong thesis statement don't start explaining your self at first!!