The graph shows changes in the prices per kilogram of various types of bread in Europe between 2001 and 2005.AnswerThe line graph illustrates the cost per kilogram of different types of bread in Europe from 2001 and 2005It is clear that the prices of white and rye bread increased while prices of brown and wholemeal bread were relatively stable throughout the period.In 2001, ehile bread rate started from the bottom of the chart which was nearly 0,1 euros per kilogram then it suddenly reached a peak at 1,2 euros per kilogram just over a year. the cost of white bread dropped draatically to over 0,5 euros per kilogram and rose gain to 0, euros per kilogram in 2005. compared to white bread, rye bread's prices showed a much simple trend. . Rye bread had a significantly jump from 0,6 euro per kilogram to 0.9 erros per kilogram then it dropped a little bit and rose again to 1,1 euros per kilogram in 2005.Both brown and wholemeal bread show same trend. they started together at 0,5 euros per kilogram, much higher compared to wholemeal bread which still remained 0,5 per kilogram over the period.

Can you show us the graph please?

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I have just attached the graph. I don't know if it comes to you or not. If yes, please help me to correct my writing. Thank you so much.