Write an article accounting for the disturbing size in family violence in Hong Kong.Discuss the problems at creates and suggest what could be done in tackling this problem.Give your essay a title.

Domestic Violence - Unnecessary conflicts and loss

Tony,a rebellious and stubborn youngster,has never been interracted with his relatives since the outbreak of relationship when he is 8 years old.Such a internal hardship faced by the family day by day hasn't found a prinicple way to contend with such issue.With reference to the embarassing phenomenon,domestic violence further worsen the situations of the delevopment of terrible relationship .Why so?

Doubtless,hundreds of organizations,for example,police and worthy causes, have put efforts into the 4,700 cases based on their harm.It is not encouraging that only particular groups and districts should be overlook lest extra alarm is rocked.This examplifies that perhaps the education should be strengthened,thereby mankinds can release their emotions in a harmonious way.For instance,domestic violence can be intimidation,insult and sexual assault by physical violence.Deficiently insufficient legislation ordinance indirectly discourage the consultation and respect.But on the other hand,it isn't late to mend with lest we might be passive.

Granted,despite of the surging figures of domestic violence recorded,the fluency and comprehensibility of information is prohibitively vast thereby victims are recepted by the invisible hand if their attitudes converts to action.And it proves a proliferated efficient promotion tactics pay a crucial part to our victims.Simiarly,a husband who is the breadwinner of the family,cannot be confused about the emergency cases since the host of home owner always reflects a significant power.This may lead to more and more honestly conscious remedy with the issue.

Families are fundamental part of our society.''A country or class even company is a family in the meanwhile.As a prohibitively great cost that can't be calmly recover,the society,i.e.Hong Kong,should figure out all possible problems and cope with the issue in the next step.Don't still be hesitate before you endeavours to complete the facing difficulties.

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You're trying to use too many difficult words. Keep it simple and try to discuss 1) the problem and 2) what could be done about it.