I write on behalf of my grandfather to complaint against the substandard services and misbehavior from the staff of your supermarket at Town A. My grandfather, as usual, used your self-services machine to buy four oranges costing just $5 at the above supermarket at 0800 on 25.07.2019.

My uncle then stayed at there for a short while and he tried to leave at 0815 but was surprisingly blocked by your staff named May at the entrance and was impolitely asked if he had paid for the oranges. My uncles immediately displayed her the receipt from the self-services machine and then discontentedly requested to see her manager for further discussion. However, your supermarket manager was not there at that time and he noticed your another staff named Hellen, who had ever performed unfriendly towards him in several scenarios during the past, had advised May to check my grandfather whether he had paid for the oranges. At last, my grandfather successfully contacted your manager named Nick through phone and Nick claimed to have understood the case and concluded its occurrence was simply due to miscommunication amongst all involved parties. Even though your Nick, May and Hellen verbally apologized to my grandfather at last, he still deeply values it is a great public humiliation to his integrity and honesty.

I trust that to restore my grandfather's prestige and uphold your supermarket image, you should conduct a in-depth investigation on the matter and provide us with an appropriate explanation before 01.08.2019. Indeed, my family have consumed at your supermarket for years and we truly look forward to observing an apparent improvement of your services and management during our next visit.


Are both your uncle and grandfather involved?

Also, can you not write the letter and get your grandfather/uncle to sign it?

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Sorry for the typo. Only my grandather is involved.

How about my second question?

No problem.

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What does that mean?