1. He was charged of the theft.
  2. Indus is the largest river in Pakistan.
  3. He has not written a letter last week.
  4. The cost of all these articles have risen.
  5. You should return back my money.
  6. The population of Karachi is greater than any other town in Pakistan.
  7. When you are going to leave school?
  8. Let you and I do it.
  9. Although he is old but he can run fast.
  10. Either of the three accused is guilty.
  11. I congratulate you for your success.
  12. Little charity is better than none.
  13. She is on leave.
  14. The teacher with his students were ready to go.
  15. He denies that he had not broken the chair.
  16. No girl in the class is so pretty as she.
  17. I asked him why was he so sad.
  18. She dislikes me going there.
  19. I hardly gone out that it began to rain.
  20. Of these two books, this is the best.
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There is and there are sentences of karachi

He goes to Karachi tomorrow morning.
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