Task 1. The diagrams show the floor plans for a trade conference

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The diagram illustrates the difference between a floor plan for trade conference in two different year 2009 and 2010

Overall, after a year, the floor increased the number of seating in conference hat and number of display stands in exhibition area.

In 2009, the refreshments were located between main entrance and side entrance while the registration stall was located by the balcony. In the next year, the two switched place. A new lounge area was built outside the balcony in the same year.

The exhibition area was located at the back of the room in 2009 and there were only 13 seating in 2009. But in 2010, a numerous seating were added, and it was moved to the space which was used to be conference hall and meeting rooms. This also lead to changing the location of halls to the place which once belonged to the exhibition area and the disappearing of the meeting rooms. A numerous display stalls were also added to the exhibition in 2010. Moreover, an entrance was added to the hall to allow access to the balcony.


Sorry, but that image is not clear. It is distorted and very difficult to make out.