This is my facebook info. Is it right grammatically?

I depend on God with an Endless mesaure. His soul Guides me. Pray for me, that I could decide whether I should be a priesthood, monasticism or a famlly man.
There is a girl, who I care me.
HM, ONly God knows, what will happen!:) The Love, the Service, Solve everything. Just let to God, that he help on us. Just help to everybody with Love. So simple is the whole. Just be presence in your own life. Throw out your mask! Don`t care about the other`s oppinion. Who thinks what. Just being that, who God sees you. Then everything will be alright. Amen Harmony and peace be with you!:)

Kind Regards Daniel

Ps: I like Ronald Reagen:)__
Hello, sexandeath.

I'm sorry, but I do not like your screen name and I do not like your religiosity and I am not enamoured of your politics. Whatever is the matter with you?
What should I do then?
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Change your screen name to something pleasant and attractive, refrain from inflicting your religious preoccupations upon others, and forget about Ronald Reagan (he's dead). Try to give your present president some support.
Great. One of the Dating site banned me all the time, because I have written down, I believe in God. HOw it`s work?

I think this is a really bit strange. Why cause this in your soul so much Struggle.

There is no preoccupations by me.

But somebody could explain me, how is this site working? For example a nice girl accepted my friendship, but I see our relationship status still as it would be pending:)

I couldn`t hide, or deny that God is the most important in my life.

Kind Regards

If you have an abiding passion in God, Daniel, keep it to yourself. Religion is a private affair between you and Him (or Her).
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Good, then why is everybody proclaiming verily verily say the Word of God, or the Word Of Buddha, Krisna, Allah etc.

Everybody talk about God, except [email protected]:)

But I am here, to teach me English.

kInd Regards

I want them to quit, too. They all bore me to death and waste my limited time on this earth.
I understand you, But you didn`t tell me any grammatic thing yet!:) I didn`t talk about God. I am curious only the Grammatic aspect of my info. But It seems to be, that my english is perfect. Do you like tatoos?

Kind Regards

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