Subject: Write a story which must begin with the sentence "Tom looked at the car in surprise"

After going to the shop, Tom looked at the car in surprise. It parked right in front of her house. It was very fancy. She walked in her house and asked her dad if he knew whose car is that. He said he had borrowed it from his friend and Tom could use it. He yelled with joy and asked his dad for the key. Then he drove to the cinema. Before going home, he put the key in his pocket. At home, he told his dad that it was a very interesting car. Now, his father told the truth that he had bought it. Tom then was very happy because he could use it every day.


It won't help your child if we correct their story before their teacher has seen it.

It's the teacher who needs to know what the child is capable of without our help — or yours.


The first thing for your child to learn is to follow the teacher's instructions carefully. Does the story begin with "Tom looked at the car...". Or does it begin with some other words?

Also, when writing a story, one must imagine himself or herself as the protagonist. Is the sequence of events logical?

For example, Tom is at a shop, but sees the car in front of her house. The reader infers that Tom is a girl, and she might live in a shop. The end of the story is puzzling. Did Tom change herself into a boy?

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Because my boy do it himself at home, following the exercise of a book so there is no teacher. My English is not good enough to review for him. Therefore I put it here to ask for your help. Thank you!

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