this is Ukranian song which I try to translate

you don't need to keep,let me go please
whatever you do I will go from you
I will come untie from your tight embrace
I'll fly away fly away
I'll escape outside like the runing river
I pray you set me free I'll be the sea
there is last instand and I'll disappear
I'm like that river which turned to the sea
snow that in my hand is melting like the time
I was allways your,you was only my
but rain only pour and so was your love
now it's not exist not exist
I'll try my best.

You don't need to keep me, please let me go.
Whatever you do, I will leave you.
I will come undone from your tight embrace.
I'll fly away, fly away.
I'll escape outside like the running river.
I pray you'll set me free, I'll be the sea.
There is last instand, and I'll disappear. (Don't understand this part)
I'm like the river that turned to the sea,
Snow that is melting in my hand like time.
I was always yours, you were mine only.
But rain only pours, and so was your love.
Now it's gone, now it's gone.
hi, yulya! interesting song ... and who is the author?