The articles are unedited and might contain many erroneous—grammar, spelling, missing words and typology—that are to bear to me. I am still not sure with this sentence. Could you please correct it.
I'd shorten it :
The articles are unedited and might contain many errors: grammar, spelling, missing words etc.

I do not know what this bit means —that are to bear to me.
I am Ah. Qesas Shirzad from Kabul Afghanistan. I have some problems with with the correct usage of Verb (Must & Have to) If you reply me, i will apreciate it in advance. Thanks.
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You will get better results if you give some examples using must and have to-- specific sentences which you are having trouble with. Emotion: smile

"she is in hostel"....is there any mistake in this sentence
Hi Anon,

The minimum requirements to make your sentence correct would be these:

- Capitalize the first word in the sentence.
- Add a period/full stop at the end of the sentence.
- Add the word "a" before the word "hostel".

She is in a hostel.
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Hi Sir,

I don't know whether you'd still look at answers on this website or not...

I have a question for you: Are you the Instructor Ah. Qesas "Shirzad" from the Ariana Afghan English Language & Computer Center?

I'm Christophe Hessels, Belgian. I'm interested in education in Afghanistan.

he has lived by herself since her devorce.